The hero team

Can a single hero change the world?
We think not.
None of us would call ourselves a hero, but together we are the Helden-Manufaktur.
As different as the characters of your favorite heroes are, as different is the team behind the Helden-Manufaktur.
Get to know our heroes! They are only human.

About Us

Hero of the first hour

Marco Feuchter

More Batman than Superman.
Idea generator, initiator and showmaster of the Helden-Manufaktur.
Int. MBA, combination of operational digital business and recruiting experience.
If anyone listens, he also teaches digital strategies and eCommerce.
Sits on the supervisory board at Amalyze, cat dad and hobby photographer.

About Us

Hero of the first hour

Sebastian Iori

More Superman than Batman.
With an eye for detail, a feel for the market and a head – better think again! Sebastian wears his hero cape with care. As a luminary for the development of companies, processes and structures, he enriches the Helden-Manufaktur with his international network as well as with his down-to-earthness.

About Us

Hero of Switzerland

Iven Schellhorn

When two quarrel, the third is happy?

In this case, Helden-Manufaktur is happy, because Iven and Marco have a friendly rivalry in the field of recruitment. After 5-7 beers, however, the idea of competition fell away in favor of a long-standing friendship, from which Helden-Manufaktur now benefits. In addition to recruitment experience, Iven also brings operational start-up know-how and is the hero for Switzerland.

About Us


Nikolaus Mersits

The one who dances with the methods.
As the only one without a recruiting background, Nikolaus is the man for the new world of work and is available for exactly those topics that no one else has a clue about.
Agile, NewWork, Scrum, etc.