Helden-Manufaktur OÜ

"A hero is reliable!" intelligent!" always there!"


When digitalization changes our lives in all areas, it is time to combine recruiting, digital know-how and a sense for heroes. Based on this idea, Helden-Manufaktur is developing into an innovative consulting firm.

A hero is one who does what he can. The others do not.

Yes, we do recruitment.

Yes, we empower customers.

Yes, we develop companies.

No, not like the others!


Heroes are not born, heroes emerge, are made or develop. Far from the goal of world domination, we firmly believe in the hero in each of us.

In the hidden champion who can change the market, in the start-up with big ambitions, and in the young professional with passion.

We won’t be able to save the world, but we will make our contribution to shaping the future of our customers and candidates more successfully.

Born from the idea of combining digital know-how with our experience in recruitment, Helden-Manufaktur was born.

Instead of putting check marks on CVs and sending them around, we communicate at eye level. We attach importance to personalities and all that is hidden behind the classic phrases. (possibly rather save for later point)

In some projects our customers call us “pain in the ass”, we see this as a compliment. For us this means that they have found a sparring partner at eye level.

We know the market, we know what’s going on, we are also sometimes uncomfortable, as long as it serves to find the right heroes together.

What we value:





Hero search! Where is the hero without cape? We will find him for you.

What we do:

Hero Forge

On the way to becoming a hero? Which cape suits you?

Digital Manufacture

How does an idea become a successful company? Who does it take? How do you set it up?


1000 times advertised, 1000 times nothing happened…
Lots of open positions, lots of ads placed, but no response?